There's a rocky road through life and then there's an escalator.  Joe Viral

Even if you have doubts about the extent of your giftedness, you will really bring your talents to life if you will embrace your drive to become, serve, create, achieve, and contribute. The purpose of self-recognition is not to fuel egotism or elitism, but to align with a more powerful, creative part of you that will let your heart, your knowledge, your talent loose on the world.
— Mary Rocamora
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Life is not what it's supposed to be. Its what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.
Virginia Satir

Competition and lack of interaction with true intellectual peers with whom they can form close friendships may leave gifted people feeling lonely, isolated, and lacking in the emotional and social skills they need to lead happy lives

— C. Suzanne Schneider
The struggle between conformity & expressing one’s abilities continues into adulthood in work, family & peer settings.
— James T. Webb

Struggling With Living In A Non-Gifted World?


Giftedness and creativity are accompanied by daily challenges that can be daunting at times.

If you're struggling with living in a non-gifted world and want to overcome your challenges, develop your potential and leave your struggles behind, consider Gifted Adult Coaching

Gifted Adult Coaching can help you get rid of confusion, negative thinking, stereotypes and misinformation

 Success is not an accident. 

Contrary to the popular idea that gifted adults don't need any help, gifted and creative adults need guidance, support and advice from helping professionals and mentors who understand their strengths, struggles and vulnerabilities. 

Experts and mentors make the difference between success or struggle for the majority of gifted adults.

Gifted individuals not only think differently than other people, they also feel differently and experience life differently than others.  Because of this highly gifted, talented and creative adults need experts and mentors who understand their strengths, struggles and vulnerabilities.

Because giftedness and creativity are accompanied by daily challenges that can be daunting at times, people who are gifted and creative need a special kind of encouragement, support and informed guidance to

    •    achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

    •    identify and work through blocks and conflicts

    •    develop skills for dealing with and solving problems and meeting challenges

Gifted adults need specialized help, guidance, and support in order to identify and leverage their talents and to become more self-generative and productive in the areas that are most important to them—and to utilize their talents and to develop their potential. 

Some of the “gifted issues” coaches need to be aware of and to incorporate into their work with gifted clients include

·      understanding exactly what it means to be gifted

·      validation of the gifted person’s feelings of difference

·      help in becoming more aware of the impact that their behavior and gifts can have on other people


·      help in understanding how to cope with and anticipate other people’s reactions to their giftedness and behavior

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.              Erma Bombeck

Who's Helping You?

Get the guidance, support and understanding you need to explore your interests, live a more balanced, joyful life, find and leverage your opportunities, develop your skills and talents and successfully move forward in your life, work, career and relationships. 

There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.    

                                     Annie Dillard

Understanding the positive aspects of giftedness and creativity  and how you can utilize them is important to self-esteem, success and well-being in life, love and work.      

Need Information, Support & Guidance as a Gifted Adult?

Seeking Business Direction?  Career Change? New Personal Path?

Work, Family or Relationships Stressing You Out?

Want More Time For Creative Pursuits?  A New Business? Self Exploration?

Need Help Dealing with Procrastination, People or Projects? 

Working with a gifted adult coach helps gifted, talented and creative adults understand themselves, live larger and achieve their goals more quickly, efficiently and creatively--with fewer conflicts and problems and more financial reward.

Hire a coach and create a support system for yourself that is dedicated to your well-being, success and personal development.

Learn how you can achieve balance, enjoy life, accomplish your goals, develop your talents and use your unique creative genius.

If you're looking for a dedicated mentor who is knowledgeable about the struggles and strengths of gifted adults, who can help you understand yourself & your challenges, meets with you regularly, provides support for change, and helps you find solutions and achieve your goals, explore partnering with me as your gifted adult coach. 

Interested in finding out what coaching can do for you as a gifted and creative adult?

Stop dreaming and start doing.  Get going.

Invest In yourself, invest in coaching.

With Lynne Azpeitia's Gifted Adult Coaching you can gain an understanding of yourself, your special abilities & unique needs.  Find out how you can create a meaningful, successful life.  

Explore the positive aspects of your giftedness and creativity--and how you can put them to work for you.

•    Learn how to meet your needs and manage your relationships

•    Learn to use yourself and your talents for your own advantage

•    Develop skills for dealing with and solving problems and meeting challenges

•    Identify and work through blocks and conflicts  

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I offer this free initial conversation for you to ask questions and experience what coaching could do for you, your business, your life and relationships--and for us both to check out if we’re a good match.

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To get a sense of the Lynne Azpeitia's Gifted & Creative Adult Coaching, take a look at her article Successful Coaching and Psychotherapy with Multi-Talented Gifted and Creative Adults 

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There’s a rocky road through life and then there’s an escalator.
— Joe Vitale

Lynne Azpeitia 
The Gifted Adult Coach

I’m not a has been, I’m a will-be.
— Lauren Bacall
Not being able to develop one’s sense of identity as a gifted person limits the possibilities for expression and satisfaction with both working and private life, it limits the development of one’s potential.
— Willem Kuipers & Annelien van Kempen
You are your greatest asset; put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.
— Tom Hopkins
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I love to help people go for the gold! And I feel sorry for the people who let their BUT stand in the way of achieving their dream.
— Chellie Campbell