We all boil at different degrees.          Clint Eastwood

We all boil at different degrees.          Clint Eastwood

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The path to creative genius is paved with insecurities, misunderstanding, rejection, ridicule, and in some cases, outright hostility.
— Bob Kodzis
The lack of understanding or support for gifted children and the actual ambivalence, hostility, or bullying they experience particularly create significant problems for gifted children.
— James T. Webb

Dealing with Difficult People, Bullying & Sabotage

Gifted Adults, because of their giftedness and multiple abilities, have to deal with difficult people and situations all day,
every day.

Most often gifted adults receive inappropriate and inadequate advice about dealing with difficult people and situations--from coaches, counselors, teachers, mentors, peers, and other trusted advisors who don’t factor in or aren’t familiar with the genuine difficulties and situations where envy, misunderstanding or prejudices about giftedness are a significant factor in the interaction including bullying, workplace mobbing, interpersonal rejection, and sabotage.

Today, our society professes to place great value on intelligence, but many people, including educators and mental health professionals, discriminate consciously and unconsciously against those who are gifted.
                         C. Suzanne Schneider

Gifted adults need coaches, counselors, and advisors who understand what giftedness is, what gifted people need, and the challenges they face.

Where giftedness and employment intersect, here are some of the challenges that gifted adults face on a regular basis at work—and in the community:

  • Gifted adults exhibit an intensity, an insistence on the integrity to do the work at its best—which is most often beyond what is required and what they are compensated.
  • Gifted adults have chronic impatience with shoddy work and slow thinkers.
  • Gifted adults work too quickly, get bored, and show it. 
  • Gifted adults raise the standards for everyone else, and that is always resented. 
  • Gifted adults have odd approaches to things, which irritates their coworkers. 
  • Gifted adults ask for more work and make enemies because of that.
  • Gifted adults still have the idealism of a young person which can cause problems with peers, authority figures or with fellow executives. 
  • Gifted adults, with their bright mind, have difficulty in accepting the illogical and may be very stubborn in expressing doubts about a project or in criticizing others.
  • Gifted adults, whether they have a college degree or not, carry around in their feisty minds questions the boss or superiors cannot answer.
  • Gifted adults sometimes, unwittingly, threaten the boss, because that odd approach turns out to be better than the boss’s idea.
  • Gifted adults are often the first to go when downsizing begins because of peer group rejection—even when they are the best and highest performer in productivity or profits

Lynne Azpeitia, MFT
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Encouraging, supporting and guiding gifted adults to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

For more than a decade I've been working with gifted and creative adults, teens and children as a psychotherapist, counselor,  coachspeaker, trainer, educator, consultant, and mentor specializing in the challengespsychology and development of gifted, talented and creative adults.

Coaching, Counseling, Psychotherapy & Consultation Specially Designed  for Gifted People

Gifted adults need specialized help, guidance, and support in order to identify and leverage their talents and to become more self-generative and productive in the areas that are most important to them—and to utilize their talents and to develop their potential. 

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Lynne Azpeitia 
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We are not paying enough attention to trying to teach gifted people how to cope with their lives in the adult world. Far too many of them find their drive and creativity thwarted by persons or establishments who regard them as either silly or threatening.
— Marylou Kelly Streznewski
Job performance is not a significant factor in promotability.
Social acceptability, the ability to fit in, to think as the rest of management thinks; these are the factors which make a person promotable.
The gifted employee is not readily promotable. This idea that the gifted will get ahead anyway, and if they do not, they were not really gifted, has no basis in fact.
— David Willings, Industrial psychologist, 1981.

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